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About us


KPB Healthcare Distribution Services offer manufacturers & other distributors a single route into the diverse UK health market. We have partners in wholesale, online retail and traditional high street retailers.

We can help you achieve complete market UK coverage both online & through traditional ‘Bricks & Mortar’ wholesale & retail health channels. Pharmacies, in local communities, & superstores, high street retailers as well as online behemoths, such as Amazon with 18 million visitors in the UK alone this year.

We supply our portfolio as a vendor through to Amazon directly, whilst preserving the wholesale & retail channels, we have access to 11,676 chemists, who are contacted regularly by mail and our telesales team, we can also provide tailored mailshots via our pharmacy database.

We also supply direct to wholesale markets in the UK, who in turn supply 1000's of retailers.

Our Partners


KPB Consulting work with an increasing number of manufacturers  from across the globe. We work tirelessly to promote their products through our many channel partners.

Health Enterprises, Inc. 
Design, Develop & Manufacture innovative healthcare products. Sold in leading retailers across the globe, under our Acu-Life brand.

OTC Superbrands, Inc,
We remain dedicated to the mission of providing innovative products and excellent customer service.

McKeon Products Inc
Since 1962, we have been committed to supplying the highest quality innovative hearing protection,
sleep aids and swimmer’s ear prevention products at the best possible value.

Ear Doc 
EarDoc offers drug free, non invasive ear pain relief that naturally opens up the eusthichian tube, healing the ear naturally  without the need for ear grommet surgery.

Naveh Pharma
Naveh Pharma is a privately held company specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing Pharmaceutical and diverse health care.

At Squip, we strive to introduce high quality products that will help for a better and healthier world. Under the direction of our medical staff, our products are carefully researched for their effectiveness and efficiency before they are released into the market.

HL Healthcare Ltd is a limited company registered and based in the UK who develop, industrialise, manufacture and sell niche ENT over-the-counter healthcare products.