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DeMite Laundry Additive 1 Ltr Bottle

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DeMite® Laundry Additive is guaranteed to eliminate virtually all dust mite allergens from your sheets and pillowcases in . . .cool water, warm water or hot water. . . and a major Consumer Products Testing and Reporting Group agreed.

Dust mites are probably the world’s greatest cause of allergic reactions and are a significant trigger of asthma attacks. Although invisible to the naked eye, your bedding contains hundreds of thousands to millions of them,  depositing millions of their allergens, protein fecal matter, exoskeletons and secretions onto your sheets, pillow cases and mattress covers . . .  and these are but a small part of the up to hundreds of millions that inhabit the average home.

It is not the dust mites themselves, but rather, their allergens that are a prime source of so many asthmatic attacks and allergic reactions. DeMite® was specifically formulated to eliminate these allergens from all washable fabrics but, in particular, your bedding.

It is these allergens on your sheets, pillowcases and blankets that are so critical to your well-being.  As you sleep, your face is in virtual contact with them; every breath that you inhale deeply may be saturated with them.

It is imperative to eliminate or dramatically reduce these allergens from your bedding to prevent them from being inhaled into your lungs to have any hope of resolving this problem.

Most of those who do laundering  prefer to use cool or warm water to protect fabrics from deterioration and reduce color fading.

DeMite® Laundry Additive will eliminate virtually all allergens on sheets, pillowcases and undergarments in cool, warm or hot water.

All clothing, but especially undergarments, may contain dust mites and their allergens. When hand laundering your undergarments, you should consider adding a very small amount of DeMite® to your wash water and detergent.

DeMite’s active ingredients have gone through formal testing with the results of the studies being published in leading the professional journals to substantiate its claims.

Adding a small amount of DeMite® to a wash load along with your regular detergent is all that you need to control dust mites on your bedding.   It’s just that easy . . . We guarantee it !!!

DeMite® eliminates virtually all dust mite allergens. DeMite® saves fabrics from the deterioration and fading of very hot water.

Use your own preferred detergent.

DeMite® Laundry Additive™ is guaranteed non-toxic, completely safe to use, and never expires