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Ear Doc - Relieves Ear Pain

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Product Description

EARDOC relieves ear pain for children, adults and air travellers that suffer from Otitis Media, trapped fluids in the middle ear and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.

The most common ear infections are caused by the narrowing or obstruction of the ear channel (Eustachian Tube) which connects the middle ear with the nose and mouth. The trapped fluids and air create pressure on the ear drum (tympanic membrane), resulting in a severe ear pain and possible hearing impairment.

Eardoc generates and transmits vibration waves. Due to its non-invasive design, the waves travel through the bone to the middle ear, opening the Eustachian Tube. The waves help drain the fluid and ease the pressure naturally and can avoid the need for ear grommet surgery.

Children under 6 should only use the EARDOC with adult supervision.

If pain persists please see a doctor

Product Description

The EARDOC generates and transmits vibration waves through the mastoid bone to the Eustachian Tube. This allows the Eustachian tube to open in a non-invasive drug free way. The waves opening the Eustachian Tube allow drainage of the trapped fluids and air and eases the pressure. The product comes with a easy to follow full instruction leaflet that explains everything you need to know.

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