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Elasto Gel Foot/Ankle Wrap

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Product Description

Many people suffer from ankle pain. Treatment methods vary, but the Elasto-Gel Foot/Ankle Therapy Wrap covers the entire foot and ankle. Use it for everyday aches; or use it with occupational, physical, or sports therapy. The sturdy but flexible latex-free gel wrap won't dry out and won't leak when the stretchy covering is punctured. Arrange the wrap in any of a variety of ways to aid your ankle pain swelling, sprains, stiffness, strains, and surgery pain can all be helped with the wrap. The wrap's flexibility even lets it well cover the front of your ankle for anterior ankle pain. This one wrap works for hot or cold ankle pain treatment. Heat the wrap in the conventional oven or microwave, and apply the resultant moist heat to your foot and ankle. The heat lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. To chill the wrap, put it in a resealable bag and stick it in the freezer. (Make sure to put it in a resealable bag first, to keep it from picking up excess moisture.) The chill lasts for 20 to 40 minutes, but usually it will gently numb an area within 5 minutes. It keeps its flexibility down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Note for hygienic reasons this item is not returnable once heated or frozen. No exceptions.

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