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Medicare Lifesense T2 Digitial Thermometer

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10 Second Digital Thermometer with dual reading

Body temperature is a great indicator of health so it is important to invest in a high quality thermometer. Medicare has developed the superior Dual Scale Flexi Digital Thermometer, specially designed for maximum patient comfort and temperature reading accuracy.

This cost effective Digital Thermometer has a dual scale and can be switched easily between Farenheit and Celsius. The Digital Thermometer features a clear LCD display and a 10 Second Fast Measurement time (6 times faster than traditional thermometers.)

The Thermometer sounds a beep when it's ready and when it has completed its measurement. When a temperature of 37.8 degrees (c) or more is measured by the Digital Thermometer, a fever alarm is triggered. The memory recall function allows the user to accurately monitor the patient's recovery.

This high-tech temperature measuring instrument is fast-reading, safe and gentle for use on both adults and children. A 200 hour battery life with auto shut off after 10 minutes, ensures maximum efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

Fast, accurate temperature measurements Suitable for Oral, Underarm or Rectal use 10 Second fast measurement time- 6 times faster than traditional thermometers Dual scale reading- Fahrenheit and Celsius Auto Shut off-10 minutes after use Memory recall Flexible Tip Fever alarm Fast, safe and gentle for both adults and children 200 Hour or 12 months Battery Life CE Certified