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Medium Weekly Pill Organizer with Push Button Lids

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  • EASY TO USE - The planner's push buttons and rounded bottoms make the planner easy to open and medicine easy to retrieve. Great for individuals who struggle with dexterity
  • CLEAR LID - Keeps medication visible to help prevent missed doses
  • LARGE STORAGE - The planner can hold 30 Aspirin
  • QUALITY DESIGN - The product has a quality design made for repeated use
  • Product Endorsed by The Arthritis Foundation
Ezy Dose Medium Push Button Weekly Pill Planner - 7-Day Pill Reminder - This Weekly Pill Organizer is Perfect for Scheduling Your Week's Medication. Its Push Buttons and Transparent Lid are Simple To Use and Help You Keep Track Of Your Medication Through The Week . This 7-Day Pill Planner is designed for easy use. Its buttons and rounded bottom make it easy to open and retrieve medications. The product's clear lid allows easy visibility of medication to help prevent missing doses.. The main features of the 7-Day Push Button Pill Planner include:.Easy Use - Push Buttons and Rounded Bottoms make the planner easy to open and medication easy to retrieve. Clear Lid - Allows easy visibility of medications to help prevent any missed doses Large Compartments - The planner can fit 30 aspirin tablets and has plenty of room for all of your daily medications. Product recommended by The Arthritis Foundation and is great for anyone with dexterity problems!