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KPB Healthcare offers manufacturers & other distributors a single route into the diverse UK health market. We have partners in wholesale and retail, online and traditional high street retailers.  This website is one of the ways we are reaching out to busy retailers who are never able to find the time to order during the day, now by accessing an online account, orders can be processed quicky and efficiently.

We can help you achieve complete market UK coverage both online and through traditional ‘Bricks & Mortar’ wholesale & retail health channels. Pharmacies, in local communities, & superstores, high street retailers as well as online behemoths, such as Amazon with 18 million visitors in the UK alone this year.

We supply our portfolio as a vendor through to Amazon directly, whilst preserving the wholesale and retail channels, we have access to 11,676 chemists, who are contacted regularly by mail and our telesales team, we can also provide tailored mailshots via our pharmacy database.

We also supply direct to wholesale markets in the UK, who in turn supply 1000's of retailers.

UK Distribution/Wholesale

We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers to provide quality products and services into the Retail and Etail sectors.

Traditional (bricks & mortar) Retail

With access to over 11,676 UK Pharmacies, we are able to present your products to the Pharmacy owners through, mailshots, telesales & UK tradeshows.

Online Retail

Online retail now occupies 49% of our annual turnover and is growing year on year. With over 92 Etailers and mainstream online retailers, we can give your product maximum online exposure.